Why does Beyond.Host actually exist?

Why does Beyond.Host actually exist?

When they first met in 2015 at the Munich Marriott Hotel for an important event, the guests kept making requests in different rooms and since the Xscreen team led by Hans Umkehrer was on site in all rooms, the guests kept turning to their colleagues because they couldn't reach Michael Tischer's team, who was still responsible as Director Food & Beverage at the time, by phone.

As this was not an isolated case, Hans came up with the idea of developing a solution that would close this gap. To make hotel employees available to guests in the conference area at all times and to relieve the burden on employees at the same time. And so the journey began with the development of Beyond.Host together with the companions from Weptun, who had already supported Xscreen with other projects.

Overview of the various Beyond.Host solutions.

2018 Start of development

The MVP was still a simple 3-button system in conjunction with a smart watch. It quickly became clear that this was very limited. As Hans had already developed many features for customers with Xscreen, the decision was made to combine all the products developed to date with Weptun into one solution, including the employee call system.

2022 Company foundation

What began in mid-2019 really took off during Corona. On the one hand, the demand for digital solutions increased and on the other hand, the team around Hans Umkehrer also had time to implement the various projects. At the end of 2019, Michael came on board as Managing Director, who had already been involved in the project over the years, and so nothing stood in the way of the company being founded at the beginning of 2022.

The first customers in mid-2022

The Felix Rooftop Bar, Suites and Event Location was Beyond.Host's first customer in April 2022 and marks the start of Beyond.Host's sales activities.

From 2023 Android Service App

In 2023, a number of other options were added to the Beyond.Host family. These included the Beyond.Host Service App, which now makes it possible to process service calls using a smart phone.

Mid-2023 the participant app

Since mid-2023, we have created completely new opportunities for interaction between speakers, planners and conference participants with the Beyond.host participant app.

Hans Umkehrer

With over 20 years of experience as a multi-media service provider and stand builder with Xscreen, Hans has extensive experience in the MICE industry. Technical innovations inspire him and if there is no solution yet, he has the courage to develop new solutions. Trends and developments have inspired Hans for years!

Portrait of Hans Umkehrer, Founder of Beyond.Host and owner of Xscreen e.K.

Michael Tischer

The hotel expert! From restaurant specialist in a small privately run hotel in his home country to hotel director with many international stations. Besides Beyond.Host, Michael is a management consultant and trainer for the hotel and catering industry with his motto "from the industry for the industry".

Portrait of Michael Tischer, Managing Director of Beyond.Host