Beyond.Host is a cloud-based softwarewhich helps to improve the communication between speakers and staff in meeting rooms through digital transmission of service requests improve.

It offers more than a simple service call system and has a user-friendly and intuitive interface. With various service options such as "Refresh Room", "Look Room" or "Messaging", Beyond.Host offers solutions for the most important needs in the meeting sector.

Furthermore, it supports the interactive communication between trainers, instructors and participants through the use of the Beyond.Host app.

Beyond.Host is the new standard for banquet and conference equipment!

Why do you need Beyond.Host?

  • Do you want to plan based on data and not just rely on your team's gut feeling?
  • You still use a Dect phone to communicate with your guests or work with WhatsApp chats?
  • Looking for upsell opportunities in the meetings industry?
  • Would you like to improve your digital offering?
  • And above all, are you looking for a solution that can be easily integrated into your daily routine?

Which locations is Beyond.Host suitable for?

Every event and location is different. Beyond.Host adapts to your location and your and your event easily and individually and helps you from the very first event.


Service with one click!

Guests can communicate with your service staff with just one click. Via WLAN, they receive your service call on the smartwatch. Important meetings are only interrupted when your guests want them to be.

It does not matter whether you work with the "Break-Delay" postpone your break, with the "Refresh-Room" call to order new drinks or via text message to signal that your room should be made warmer or colder.

Beyond.Host, knows the needs of your guests and offers an simple and intuitive solution so that your guests can reach or communicate with your employees at any time.



Do you have a question for all participants? Then simply a voting or Q&A set up, have the QR code scanned, and everyone can answer via the Beyond.Host app or the browser in their cell phone.

Via chime send a signal to participants and rooms - send a signal across rooms for the start or end of a group task or directly to your participants' cell phones for the start after the break. Time delays are a thing of the past!

Through music creates atmosphere! How about the right mood for the entrance or motivating music for the breaks? Simply and conveniently use either the online radio stations or the selected playlists.

Discover the Beyond.Host App

Information and interaction combined in one app: The ultimate solution for all attendees. Our innovative app offers a comprehensive range of features to add value to your events. On the one hand, it allows you to seamlessly provide all the information you need - from images and videos to texts and logos. On the other hand, it opens up numerous options for attendees to interact.

With our attendee app you can Q&A sessions conduct, polls organize polls, and even use a digital gong. The best part is that all of these features require neither a login nor a password is required are required. The app is accessible anytime and anywhere, even without prior installation.

Thanks to the user-friendly interface and intuitive navigation, using the app is a breeze. Attendees can easily access all information and participate in the interactive features at the same time. This seamless combination of information and interaction enables a completely new way of event design.

Expand the horizons of your events and create a unique experience for all participants.


Beyond.Host from the industry for the industry

The name says it all: we are more than just a couple of programmers who have developed an application.

We come from the industry and in our years of experience in hospitality, F&B, banqueting, event management and technology, we have recognized the needs of our customers. With Beyond.Host, we have taken communication in the meeting room further and set a new standard for optimal equipment.

With Beyond.Host, we are taking the next step in guest communications and look forward of being part of your success story.


Michael Tischer
Michael TischerCEO
Michael Tischer - CEO with over 20 years of hotel industry experience

Michael Tischer, CEO of the Beyond.Host team, has an extensive experience of more than two decades in the hotel industry. From his beginnings in hotel teaching to the position of General Manager, he has personally been through all areas of the industry.

He is now using his expertise to drive the digital evolution of the industry.

Hans Umkehrer
Hans UmkehrerFounder
Hans Umkehrer - founder and expert in event technology for the hotel industry

Hans Umkehrer, the owner of Xscreen and founder of Beyond.Host, is the heart of the company and an industry-experienced problem solver. He has been optimizing the field of event technology in the hotel industry for more than two decades.

With Beyond.Host, he is now setting a new standard for meeting rooms.

Stephanie Herre-Jettschat
Stephanie Herre-JettschatMarketing
Stephanie Herre-Jettschat - Creative support for your product marketing

Stephanie Herre-Jettschat brings her creative support for innovative ideas to product marketing.

Thanks to her extensive experience in the banquet sector, she knows the challenges and problems that the meeting and conference sector has to face.


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