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Digital transformation in the hotel industry

Digitalization has become a decisive factor for the success of companies in today's business world. Companies that fail to embrace the challenges of digitalization could risk being overtaken by the competition or losing touch with the market. However, while the implementation of digital solutions and technologies is undoubtedly important, what is often overlooked is how crucial it is to involve all employees in the digitalization process.

In this seven-part series, we shed light on the importance of important prerequisites for not losing employees in the digitalization process.

For more information on this topic, simply download our white paper or contact our team directly. As a management consultant with extensive experience, our Managing Director Michael Tischer knows which levers are important.

The future of event management

The profession of event manager - a dream job for many, but one that involves far more than just the highlight of events. From conception to follow-up, event managers go through a complex process that requires both creative and organizational skills. But how will this profession develop in a world that is increasingly characterized by digitalization, automation and artificial intelligence?

Let's take a look into the future.

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Blog article about the changing job profile of event managers. next events at a glance

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