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The future of event management

A journey through digitalization, automation and artificial intelligence The profession of event manager - a dream job for many, but one that involves far more than just the glitz and glamour of events. From conception to follow-up, event managers go through a complex process that requires both creative and organizational skills. But [...]

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Digital transformation - resistance

If employees are not involved in the digitalization process, they may develop resistance or uncertainty, which can make it difficult to implement the strategy. Involvement can alleviate these concerns and make the transition to digital solutions smoother. At a time when digital innovation is the norm and customers increasingly expect digital solutions, [...]

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Digital transformation - customer focus

Employees who interact directly with customers often have valuable feedback on customer satisfaction. Their involvement enables a stronger focus of the digitalization strategy on customer needs, which leads to better customer loyalty. In a world that is inexorably digitizing, companies in the hospitality and MICE industry need to rethink their strategies to [...]

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Digital transformation - corporate culture

Involving employees in the digitalization process can have a positive impact on the corporate culture. It conveys the impression that the company promotes innovation and continuous improvement. This can improve the working atmosphere and strengthen employee loyalty. The hotel industry has undergone dramatic change in recent years, which has been significantly influenced by the digital transformation [...]

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Digital transformation - change management

Digitalization often requires changes to working methods and processes. Involving employees enables better implementation of change management, as they are involved in the process and better understand why and how changes should be made. In today's world, where technology is advancing relentlessly, digital transformation is essential for [...]

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Digital transformation - knowledge transfer

The employees have specific specialist knowledge and experience in the company. They are familiar with existing business processes and customer needs. By involving them, they can share their valuable knowledge, which can contribute to the effective adaptation of technologies and solutions. The hotel industry is facing a digital revolution that will not only change the way [...]

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Digital transformation - acceptance and motivation

Employees who are involved in the digitalization process feel heard and valued. This can increase motivation and commitment, as they can make a personal contribution to the implementation of the strategy. Motivated employees are more productive and contribute significantly to the success of digitalization. The hotel industry has changed a lot over the years, and [...]

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Digital transformation - Supporting employees

Digitalization has become a decisive factor for the success of companies in today's business world. Companies that fail to embrace the challenges of digitalization could run the risk of being overtaken by the competition or losing touch with the market. However, while the implementation of digital solutions and technologies is undoubtedly important [...]

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