How do I reach the support?

Have you already discovered our chat window? Tell us your request in the chat or use our contact field. We are happy to help you. Our support is available from Mon-Fri from 09:00 - 18:00.

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The application does not start by itself after power on?

No problem. It just means that there is no connection to your network. Exit the Fully Kiosk app manually and check the network settings. If another step is needed to connect to the local network, ask your IT department to unlock the Mac address of the respective device, so that nothing happens to the automatic start of Beyond.Host [...].

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The Watch no longer receives service requests?

Make sure that you are logged in. If this is not the case, you will not receive any service requests. In the second step, make sure you are connected to the Wifi network (Settings-Android Setting-Connection)-here you can check if there is a connection or connect. Important. Check the time on a regular basis. If [...]

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My Watch is no longer responding?

You can always see the current status or charging status of your devices on the manager screen. If the smartwatch stops responding, make sure it is charged or simply restart it. If you have changed the hotel settings, your system may no longer recognize the Watch, contact our [...]

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